Arizona Hardware Headquarters - Choosing a Lock

Arizona Hardware Headquarters - Choosing a Lock

Door hardware is available in a wide array of options in styles, functions & finishes. What you choose is an expression of yourself and your lifestyle. Here are some brief descriptions to get you started on what you need.


Privacy - This can be a knob or lever, typically used on a bedroom or bathroom door. There is a push button lock or a turn knob on the inside, with an emergency release on the outside that allows the door to be unlocked from the outside by inserting a tool.
Privacy Lock
Passage - This is generally used on closet doors or any room that doesn't require a locking function and can be a knob or a lever.
Passage Lock
Dummy - This is a non-operating function knob or lever. You see these used as a door pull or on one side of double doors, usually for appearance purposes.
Dummy Lock
Keyed Lever or Knob - Mainly used for exterior applications, such as the garage service door, patio and front doors. It requires a key from the exterior of the home.
Key In Lever Lock
Handleset - Mainly used on a front entry door and locks with a keyed deadbolt.
Single Cylinder Deadbolt - Used on front or back exterior doors and operated with a key from the exterior with a thumb turn on the interior.
Single Cylinder Deadbolt Deadbolt Latch
Double Cylinder Deadbolt - This requires a key from the inside and outside to gain entry. Double cylinder deadbolts are recommended when a window is close to an exterior door or for a courtyard entrance. The interior key way provides the protection from an intruder reaching around and using the the thumb turn to unlock the deadbolt and open the door.
Double Cylinder Deadbolt

NOTE: Most doors, excluding custom made, come pre-drilled for door hardware. In most cases, the door hardware that you choose will fit your door. Typically, most door hardware (handle sets, entry sets, levers & knobs) will fit a door with a 2-1/8" bore. The side latch hole should be 1" in diameter for most products. See our Bore information page.


It is important when ordering your product that you know your handing. The are right and left handed levers. To determine the specific handing, please see our Door Handing information page.

Decorative Finishes

Color is essential when it comes to reflecting your personal style & taste, with the innovative designs, elegant styles and various beautiful finishes offered by each manufacturer, you can do just about anything you desire and even coordinate your door hardware with cabinet & bath hardware, and faucets as well. Hardware color selections will be offered by each manufacturer. Typically, they are very similar in color, such as Oil Rubbed Bronze, Satin Nickel, Bright Chrome, Satin Chrome, Pewter, Brass and Antique finishes. If you have any questions on color coordinating different brands, please give us a call so we can help determine your selection.



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